Bayberry candle set 10"


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Genuine Bayberry candles are handmade from 100% bayberry wax found on the outside of the bayberry fruit.  Burned to the nub on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, they bring good luck for the coming year. A tradition that brings a certain type of tranquility and peace in your home, since colonial times. There is a warm mild scent of bayberry wax, but there are no other additives or enhancements to this set.

The set comes in a box with a parchment paper insert and note explaining the tradition of Bayberry candles, as well as this lovely poem: ‘ This Bayberry candle comes from a friend. So on this Holiday burn it down to the end. Because a Bayberry candle burned to its socket, brings good luck, good health and wealth to your pocket.’

6″ tapered set will last for 6 hours of burning.
8″ tapered set will last for 8 hours of burning.
10″ tapered set will last for 10 hours of burning.

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