Sal de Ibiza Granito Sea Salt 250g


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250 grams

The extraction of natural sea-salt on the island of Ibiza dates back to over 2,700 years ago. This marine salt, harvested within the nature reserve of the ancient Phoenician salt works, continues to be one of Mother Nature’s purest gifts. The symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship, plentiful sun and light winds, gives us this wholly-natural sea-salt – still replete with ocean zest.

SAL de IBIZA is exceptionally rich in vital minerals and trace elements. Nothing is added nor anything taken away because a pure and healthy sea-salt requires nothing but sea, sun and an ocean breeze – truly Cristal de la Vida.

This Granito type salt (small grain) contains no anti-caking or pouring agents. Nevertheless, it remains easy to pour simply by virtue of being slightly coarser than regular table salt.

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